Why iGoDigital?

Whether you’re making your first leap into personalization or are diligently researching providers, here are some reasons you should choose us to be your partner.

Why Personalize?

Customers want a personalized experience. They show it by their willingness to engage with retailers who are offering it. Personalization can create real and actionable results, including increasing conversions, average order values and customer loyalty.

Why Choose iGoDigital to be your personalization partner?

Our Ability to Deliver “Personalization Nirvana”: Observing behavior, asking questions, leveraging social profiles and analyzing “wisdom of the crowds” are all ways to gather information about a customer. While separately all of these pieces of information can help segment and target your market, doing ALL of them can get you to what we call “Personalization Nirvana”…or in less cool terms, a truly personalized user experience. We’re the only provider in the market with technology that can gather all of this information, synthesize it into one, highly accurate user profile and deliver product recommendations and messaging that is based on what we know.

Our Toolbox of Services: We sell solutions to business problems, not “one size fits all” products. We use all the tools at our discretion to create customized solutions for each client. No two iGoDigital implementations look the same.

Our Experience: We work with 8 of the top 10 most visited retail sites and dozens of niche retailers. We’ve gleaned best practices from working with these global brands that we’ll pass along to you.

Our Technology: Our SaaS-based technology is flexible and scalable. It has the capability to give your customers a truly personalized shopping experience. It offers transparent reporting and allows us to integrate with some of the most trusted ecommerce service providers.

Service Beyond the Software: We only hire people who are committed to our core values and you’ll see that in every interaction with us.

Our Innovative Spirit: iGoDigital was founded by an entrepreneur and that visionary spirit stays with us today. We listen to customers’ identified needs and anticipate future ones to drive enhancements and new solutions. As shoppers become more innovative themselves, we help you move at the speed of your customers.