Product Recommendations

Tailor your recommendations to the individual and watch engagement grow.

Innovative Applications of Product Recommendations

Innovation of our technology is driven by our clients and is at the core of our success. By partnering with our clients, thinking big and pushing the limits of the technology, we’ve developed applications of our Product Recommendations Platform that go far beyond “Customer Who Bought Also Bought…”

Pinterest Tracking Tool

The Pinterest Tracking Tool enables retailers to gather Pinterest data and use it to influence marketing and merchandising decisions. By simply adding the “Pin It” button to iGoDigital product recommendations, retailers can begin to identify individuals who “pin” products, numerate their spheres of influences (i.e. the popularity of their pins) and determine related revenue associated with their Pinterest activity.

Cart Solutions

At this critical point in the shopping process, we provide innovative ways for retailers to reach customers with personalized cross-sell and up-sell offers.

Basket Builder injects relevant product recommendations at the crucial time right before check out. Recommendations are based on items already in the cart and are generally driven by a merchant’s chosen cross-sell or up-sell categories. Basket Builder is a “hybrid” solution, employing both merchant knowledge and automated product recommendations.

Candy Aisle captures a consumer’s attention also at the crucial point right before check-out, but encourages the purchase of low-priced, low-risk products. It's as though the customer is waiting in line at the store and impulsively adds a candy bar or magazine to his cart. For some clients, nearly 80% of all purchasers add a product from the Candy Aisle.

Recommendations Just for You

For repeat visitors, a dedicated “Recommendations Just for You” page is a powerful way to allow a consumer to discover new products based on past browsing behavior and purchases. iGoDigital powers this dynamic page, which is unique for each individual and based upon a consumer’s individual customer profile.

Pandora Style Recommendations

Pandora-Style Recommendations allow customers to voice their opinions on recommended products in just one click. Do they own it, love it or hate it? This explicit, customer-given feedback is then included in the individual’s profile and can be used to leverage new recommendation scenarios and email triggers that increase relevancy and the user experience.

Dynamic Landing Page Recommendations

Search remains a primary way customers find products on your site. iGoDigital can personalize the pages shoppers land on with product recommendations, whether the person comes from an external or internal search. Our Customer Intelligence Engine (CIE) captures the search term and delivers relevant recommendations that are not only based on the intent of the search, but also on the profile of the individual already housed in the CIE.