Product Recommendations

Tailor your recommendations to the individual and watch engagement grow.

Product Recommendations Overview

Retailers have long recognized the benefit of cross-selling and up-selling by adding product recommendations to their ecommerce sites and marketing efforts.

Adding automated personalization to the equation ups the ante. Using the Customer Intelligence Engine (CIE), iGoDigital’s Personalized Product Recommendation Platform analyzes individual shopper behavior, wisdom of crowds and individual product attributes to determine the most relevant products for each unique shopper, in real time. As this data is collected, iGoDigital’s segmentation tool, Segment Builder, allows marketers and eCommerce teams to easily access it to create targeted marketing lists and campaigns.

Whether you're searching for a third party or moving away from "out of the box" solutions, iGoDigital's flexible Personalized Product Recommendation Platform is adjusted to fit the needs of our clients’ challenges and unique business needs.