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Guided Search

iGoDigital Guided Search delivers personalized search results directly from the search box, guiding your customers to the most relevant product pages with less clicks.

Benefits of Guided Search

Personalization - A New Level of Relevance

Using iGoDigital’s proprietary technology, shoppers are presented search results that are not only based on search terms, but also on their unique profiles stored in iGoDigital’s Customer Intelligence Engine, exponentially increasing the relevance of the results.


Retailers have long recognized the conversion benefits of decreasing clicks, as evidenced by the Quick View functionality and one-page checkouts. By delivering results directly from the search box, iGoDigital brings this same methodology to search.


More than just a list of products, the Guided Search window includes both products and filters so the individual can further customize the search experience and get to the exact product they’re looking for in fewer clicks.

Overall Search Strategy - Where Does Guided Search Fit?

Guided Search is for any eCommerce site that wants to personalize the user experience and deliver search results more quickly and efficiently.

Guided Search can be used as a site’s primary search function or in conjunction with enterprise search platforms. In this case, iGoDigital’s Guided Search serves as a personalized entry point into more advanced search filtering systems.

A simple line of Javascript added to your retail site allows the CIE to begin collecting real-time data about your customers and using it to deliver search results.

Learn More About Guided Search

Download the whitepaper Guided Search: Efficiency, Speed, and Relevance in an Intelligent Search Interface

Video:Watch guided search in action