Guided Selling Tools

Engage your customers and empower them to make smart buying decisions.

Guided Selling Tools

Retailers have long recognized the value of engaging shoppers in stores with educated and enthusiastic sales consultants. When their questions have been answered and products have been recommended by knowledgeable associates, shoppers are likely to check out with more in their carts and leave with a more satisfied experience.

Guided Selling Tools create this experience online.

Guided Selling Tools ask a series of questions, synthesize the responses and recommend products or deliver content that aligns with the answers.

Guided Selling Tools are engaging, educational resources for your web, mobile, tablet, social media or in-store strategy that can increase conversion rates, cart sizes and average order values.

iGoDigital’s Guided Selling Tools are highly customizable to fit your business goals. You dream up how you want to engage your customers, and we can make it happen. Or, come to us with a business problem you’re trying to solve and we’ll do the dreaming for you.

Our most popular types of Guided Selling Tools are:

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