Our Toolbox of Services

What can we help you accomplish today?

At iGoDigital, we’re passionate about solving business problems and we’ve got some pretty impressive products in our toolbox to help us do it.

What have we helped our customers achieve?

Increasing Overall Revenue

Driving revenue and leads from brands to their distribution channels

Increasing customer loyalty and overall user experience

Helping retailers understand their customers by analyzing data

Educating consumers about how to use products correctly and the types of products available

Decreasing abandoned carts and other sources of lost revenue

Increasing brand awareness with end-customers and the distribution channel

Decreasing the cost of manually merchandising products

Shortening the sales cycle or other non-revenue based solutions

Helping customers make sense of complicated purchases

Building 1:1 relationships with customers

All of these can be accomplished through Personalization and at iGoDigital that term “comes to life” with our toolbox of Product Recommendations and Guided Selling Tools.

Because our services are highly customizable and flexible, no two iGoDigital implementations have ever looked the same. We’ll understand your goals, your markets, your business processes and your room for growth and recommend a solution that will help you get where you want to be (or maybe even further than you thought possible).

So…what can we help you accomplish today?

Our Service Offering
Product Recommendations Guided Selling Tools