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Delight your customers with Personalization Solutions

Learn how you can maximize AOV, increase conversion rates, and create a 1:1 relationship with your shopper. Many of the world’s most successful and respected brands trust iGoDigital to provide product recommendations and social commerce solutions to drive their business.

Guided Selling: Engaging Shoppers, Influencing Sales

Learn how guided selling tools create a more meaningful user experience and increase the likelihood of purchase.

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The Impact of Recommendations and Remarketing on Internet Sales

Learn how personalized product recommendations can maximize average order value, increase conversions and create 1:1 relationships with your shoppers.

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Unlocking The Secrets Of Big Data

Learn how segmentation and analysis tools can be used to harness Big Data and to deliver more personalized marketing.

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Guided Search: Efficiency, Speed, and Relevance in an Intelligent Search Interface

Learn how Guided Search delivers personalized search results directly from the search box, guiding your customers to the most relevant product pages with less clicks.

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The iGoDigital Recommendations Platform: A Technical White Paper

Learn about the powerful technology behind iGoDigital's Customer Intelligence Engine and how it is helping online retailers tune and optimize their merchandising efforts.

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Recommendations Best Practices: A Graphical Whitepaper

Why reinvent the wheel? Learn how the best of the best across all industries are optimizing the return on their product recommendations.

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10 Ways Retail Marketers are Leaving Money on the Table

Let's face it, gaining and retaining customers can often feel like a high-stakes match. What's the right balance between what you will give in the way of offers or discounts and what you will gain in shopper loyalty? In this guide, you'll learn strategies that ensure you're getting the most out of every customer interaction, while at the same time encouraging that important long-term customer relationship

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Holiday Data: The Gift that Keeps Giving

Your most loyal customers are your most profitable ones. Learn how to leverage all of the data being collected during the holidays to turn holiday flings into lasting customer relationships.

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