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Tip Sheets

Personalization Moves the Needle

It’s a marathon and a sprint. Learn how to capture your customer’s interest from the beginning while continuing to add value from discovery through post-purchase.

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Six Strategies for Increasing Customer Engagement

Make your site noise cancelling. An engaged customer stays on your site longer and is less prone to distractions. See how improving engagement metrics drives conversions and builds relationships.

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Five Steps to a More Targeted Email Strategy

Play “pin the tail” without the blindfold. Leverage the power of 1:1 communication. Five steps to make your email more relevant, engaging and effective.

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Product Recommendations Buyer’s Guide

Get the low down on product recommendations. What are they, who’s out there, what points you should consider and what questions to ask. Find the right fit to maximize your ROI.

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Segmenting Big Data

“Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion and knowledge.” ~ Plato. Marketers today are able to capture and leverage behavior data to influence future action. Learn which five behaviors should be your top priority right now.

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Location, Location, Location: Maximizing the return of your 3rd party tool

As with physical real estate, location is a key factor in utilizing your real estate on the Web. Online retailers now face the challenge of positioning their various tools in the optimal space to drive results. Learn the best practices to test your 3rd party tools and discover how to maximize your ROI.

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Lasting Connection or Holiday Fling?

Leverage the data you've gathered this holiday season to build long-term relationships with your shoppers. Any lasting relationship begins with an initial interaction, and for many shoppers, the holidays were like a first date. Just like an enamored suitor who wants to continue the courtship, using what you know about each of your shoppers to speak directly to them will help build a 1:1 connection long after the holidays are over. Learn how you can utilize personalization and segmentation strategies to turn these holiday flings into lasting relationships.

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