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Email Overview

Delete - Is this happening too often to your emails? Leverage the power of personalization and product recommendations in your marketing, transactional and triggered emails to increase opens, clicks and conversions while decreasing opt-outs.


Guided Search Overview

Good things come in three’s – for site search those are Relevance, Speed and Interactivity. Discover how Guided Search delivers on them all by personalizing the search results instantly from the search bar.


Guided Selling Overview

Bring the in-store experience online. Ask your shoppers about what’s important to them and use their input to guide them to just the right products.


Mobile Overview

Be where your customers are – that’s our mantra. With more shoppers going mobile, this sentiment is more relevant than ever. Learn how iGoDigital’s personalized approach can be optimized for your tablet or mobile platforms.


Personalization Overview

Give your shoppers their very own slice of “Personalization Nirvana”. Using our proprietary technology, observe customer behavior, ask explicit questions, leverage social profiles and analyze the “wisdom of the crowds” to deliver a truly personalized user experience.


Recommendations Overview

Deliver product recommendations that are tailored to each of your individual shoppers, while maximizing average order value, increasing conversions, and creating 1:1 relationships.


Segment Builder Overview

Big Data doesn’t have to be a Goliath anymore. Harness the power of segmentation and analysis to deliver personalized marketing communications. Learn how we put data at your fingertips.


iGoDigital Services Overview

We know that every company is unique and a “one size fits all” approach most often fits no one. That’s why we’ve adopted a Toolbox of Services. From personalized product recommendations and site search to big data segmentation and guided selling tools, we’ve got the right solution to help you achieve your goals.