Our Technology

The backbone of all we do. Introducing the Customer Intelligence Engine.

iGoDigital has built one of the largest sources of product attribute data in the world, powered by our robust Customer Intelligence Engine (CIE). The CIE collects information about a customer's activities, in real time, creating an immediate profile of habits and preferences, then uses this information to deliver accurate product recommendations and purchase guidance.

Our technology differentiates us from other personalization providers. Here’s why:

We go beyond the traditional grouping of shoppers into seven or eight generic personas.

The CIE takes each customer’s personalized profile and compares preferences against hundreds of thousands of profiles from previous customers to determine just the right mix of products to recommend. In many cases, the CIE may utilize geographic, environmental, technological, seasonal and other non-behavioral observations to assist in the calculation of recommended products.

We understand your customers, as well as your products and services.

The CIE takes into account the attributes of products and services to help make recommendations and understand trends and patterns that lead to better merchandising in the future. The technology gathers the “wisdom of the crowd” and enhances it with specific knowledge of your products. As your products or customer preferences change, so does the nature of the recommendations delivered.

We deliver transparent and visible data

The data gathered from the CIE is readily available to retailers. iGoDigital can assist you in analyzing this data to determine valuable information to target and personalize messages, as well as more accurately merchandize.

We provide a scalable solution

We worked with retailers who operate multiple ecommerce sites and brands who publish sites and tools for countries around the world. Once the initial work is completed to develop a Guided Selling Tool or implement the Product Recommendations Platform on your site, there is no “starting from scratch” each time a customer wants to use the service in another location. Backed by the CIE, iGoDigital’s technology can easily scale.