True Personalization

Offering a consistent user experience wherever and whenever your customers want to shop.

As technology and shoppers innovate, retailers must “be there” in real-time, whether it’s on a mobile device, the web or in-store. iGoDigital’s tools foster this cross-channel marketing, giving you the opportunity to engage, convert and re-engage your customers at each stage of the buying cycle.

Website: Deliver Engaging Experiences and Intelligent Recommendations

Our Recommendation Platform and Guided Selling Tools are designed to be incorporated seamlessly into your existing ecommerce site.

Email: Re-engage Your Customers

Personalizing emails with recommendations and delivering them at relevant times exponentially increases the probability of conversion.

Mobile Shopping: Offer Personalization Anywhere

Smart retailers are realizing shoppers want more than just a mobile site. They want a personalized experience that is fun, engaging and informative. Whether this is by offering a Mobile Guided Selling App or ensuring activities on mobile devices are logged in a shopper’s personal profile , with iGoDigital, you can deliver.

Call Center: Empower Your Agents with Personalized Recommendations

Whether your agents are calling up a profile saved in the Customer Intelligence Engine or using Guided Selling Tools to drive the conversation, customers will appreciate (and buy) more accurate and personalized recommended products made by your team.

In-Store: Enhance Your Customer's In-Store Shopping Experience

Used in-store, Guided Selling Tools can drive more personalized experiences. In-store kiosks provide your in-store customers with the same personalized guidance they get online. Or, armed with tablets, associates can use Guided Selling Tools to ask the right questions, steer the discussion or access information housed in a shopper’s personal profile.

Catalog and Offline Marketing: Segment Your Audience to Deliver Higher ROI

Leverage the knowledge gathered by iGoDigital’s Customer Intelligence Engine to build targeted campaigns that are more likely to convert.