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The caliber of our clients speaks to the caliber of our work. We’re proud to call these people customers and partners.



iGoDigital works with 8 of the top 10 most visited online retail sites as well as dozens of niche retailers to personalize the shopping experience with both Product Recommendations and Guided Selling Tools. iGoDigital tools help retailers increase conversion rates, average order values and bottom-line revenues. Our retailer clients include:

Multi-Site Retailers

With iGoDigital’s scalable technology, retailers with multiple sites can utilize the same tools with only minor modifications. This offers both a consistent shopping experience and data collection points across sites. However, we know the shoppers on each site are different. Therefore, firewalls are constructed between the sites to maintain the integrity of each site’s data. Our multi-site retailer clients include:


Brands have a unique opportunity to engage and educate consumers about their product offerings utilizing iGoDigital tools. If not selling direct, Guided Selling Tools can guide customers to the right products, then automatically steer traffic toward a brand’s retail partners or distribution channels. If selling directly from their sites, brands can use Guided Selling Tools and Product Recommendations to increase revenues. Our brand clients include:


Email Service Providers

iGoDigital can inject product recommendations or trigger emails with recommendations using a customer’s own Email Service Provider. iGoDigital can work with any ESP, but here are just some of Email Service Providers we work with:

Ratings and Reviews Providers

Ratings and reviews can be powerful data points in the recommendations process and can be injected into website recs, email or on the results page of a Guided Selling Tool. iGoDigital partners with the following providers:

Ecommerce Platform/Analytics Providers

iGoDigital tools can work within the framework of any ecommerce platform. Here is a list of providers we currently work with:

Other eCommerce Technology Partners

Sometimes it “takes a village” to operate a thriving eCommerce site. iGoDigital also works with these technology providers to ensure our customers’ success:

Interactive Design/Branding Agencies

Many of iGoDigital’s clients have long-established relationships with branding and/or interactive design agencies who intimately work with the brands on a daily basis. iGoDigital can work hand-in-hand with these agencies. While the agency develops the user interface and related assets, iGoDigital provides the back-end development and data management for Guided Selling Tools. Some of our agency partners include: