Building on culture everyday

Culture is a critical success factor at iGoDigital. Our team members are empowered to create their own destinies and distinguish iGoDigital in the marketplace. Together, we are dedicated to creating a challenging and stimulating work environment that fosters both personal and professional growth.

Here are the seven core values by which we live every day.

Pursue goals as a team

We celebrate success together and support each other through challenges. We assertively fix issues, not people.

Commit to Customer Success

When our customers win, we win. We are truly invested in helping each of our clients create profitable ecommerce sites and happy, loyal shoppers.

Build Your Own Future...Starting with Your Desk

It’s perhaps a strange custom, but building your own desk on your first day is a cherished iGoDigital ritual. It reminds us of our entrepreneurial roots and symbolizes that every great organization and technology platform starts with a strong base.

Grow - Both Personally and Professionally

It’s important to constantly challenge and stretch personal limits. Our goal is to help employees unlock their full potential.

Be Adventurous, Curious and Innovative

Some of the world’s greatest problems were solved by asking the right questions, thinking BIG, challenging the status quo, innovating and taking a few risks.

Trust and Be Transparent

We believe that all good relationships begin with trust. Our relationships with customers, partners, vendors and each other are rooted in trust, honesty and transparency.

Create Fun, a Little Quirkiness & Recommend Something New

We value having fun and being a little quirky. Whether that means chili cook-offs, playing music through the office-wide speaker system on Friday afternoons, watching a vintage techie flick or enjoying lunch together, we celebrate and embrace our differences and challenge each other to broaden our horizons.

Interested in joining our culture?

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